The Annual Science Retreat

This is one of my favorite times of year: our annual science retreat at the Institute for Advanced Study. This year, as with others, we get a fabulous overview of the depth and breadth of the research portfolio at Krasnow. Yesterday’s session featured back-to-back talks, today student poster sessions and a faculty luncheon.

In the foreground here Giorgio Ascoli is engaged in a deep discussion about networks with Claudio Cioffi. Behind them doctoral students and Ted Dumas focus in on a poster.

Live blogging from the Institute’s annual science retreat

Once again, it’s time for the annual science retreat at the Krasnow Institute for Advanced Study. During my introductory remarks, looking out at the assembled group, it’s clear how rapidly we are growing. First lab up is Ted Dumas’ lab. Ted’s group focuses on plasticity and learning in juvenile animals using molecular biology, electrophysiology and very sophisticated behavioral designs.